What are presets?
Presets are photo filters or plugins you can use with Adobe Lightroom to save a set of editing adjustments so you can quickly and easily apply them to multiple images. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to adjust the right settings all on your own, these premade edits can transform your digital images into beautiful finished products in second. They give your photos a signature look! Presets are an easy way, a one click solution to allow you to quickly edit your photos within seconds using your phone or computer. 
What do I need in order to use the presets?
For your MOBILE device,  you will need to download the FREE version of the Lightroom CC Mobile app, no subscription required. You can find it in the app store here.
For your DESKTOP computer, you will need any version of Adobe Lightroom installed on your laptop or desktop computer. You can find it here.
How will I get access to the presets?
Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email to download the presets, along with a PDF Instruction file to help walk you through the installation process so you can get started editing your photos quickly and easily!
Can I use the presets to edit an unlimited amount of photos?
Yes! You may use the presets to edit an unlimited amount of photos. Don't forget to tag us on instagram and facebook (@PresetsByLinhy) to be featured on our social media platform. 
Will these presets work for every photo?
All of the presets have been tested on different photos and they are compatible with a variety of photos. Presets may look differently on some photo because of lighting. If your photo doesn’t look perfect you may need to try editing yourself a little for better effects. There are so many variables and factors in determining the colouring, tones and light of each individual photo.. so presets sometimes require little editing to fit each unique situation. You may have to adjust things like the exposure and white balance after applying the preset to get your desired look. 
Will I need to buy the presets again if I get a new phone? Or a new computer?
After receiving your email with the files, you will receive directions to download the presets on both your mobile devices and desktop computer. While you have the option to download only to your mobile device, we highly recommend also downloading them onto your desktop computer and then saving them to an external hard drive. The url in your email is valid for 6 months from the purchase date.
Do you have the link to the unzip file?
Some of your file will be in zip file. You will need to unzip before using the presets. You can download the unzip file on app store here
Presets will be sent right into your inbox under name Physio-derma Store & Presets By Linhy
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